From 1998 to 2017
We have a full training background in Electrical Services for

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial applications. Our Intruder

Alarm background stems many systems.
Start Up
Colt Alarms was formed back in 1998. Back then we

carried out electrical contract work, as well as fire alarm

and intruder alarm installation work.

We discovered then, when companies try to cover a

range of services, like Alarms, CCTV, Access Control

Electrical contract work, Intercom Systems, things start to

suffer. ( namely the customer )

Because of this we decided to concentrate solely on Intruder

Alarm Systems. This meant we could provide an excellent

service for our customers, and cater for all aspects of their

intruder alarm needs.

Colt Alarms From The Beginning
About Us
Our Experience Compared - To Others
Many premises throughout Ireland are under graded or

over graded. The grading of security systems is important

and reflects the security level a premises requires for


In certain cases, depending on your insurance cover which

can stipulate the grade of alarm system that must be installed,

will dictate the type of designed protection needed.

As all properties are different and crime rates differ from area

to area, a risk assessment conducted will establish the

necessary grade required for each premises.

Old Systems
Home Guard - Horizon - Vista - Veritas - Premier - Aritech - Astec - HKC
From our experience of what a system, can and can't do, we

have found that the INIM SmartLiving Systems came top of

the class for, Reliability, Stability, Capabilities, Look & Style.

Because of this Colt Alarms decided to concentrate solely on

INIM SmartLiving products.
Later Systems
Wisdom - Comfort - Oasis - Honeywell
Modern Systems
INIM SmartLiving - Risco Agility - HKC Securewave - Texecom Premier
Old Vintage Alarm System
Later System
Modern Security System
Back In The Day
The Future
INIM SmartLiving Systems
Before the establishment of Colt Alarms in1998, years of experience

had already been clocked up to promote us in our start-up.

Even then it was evident alarm companies that trained in only one

alarm product, became stumped when faced with different alarm

systems. As a company Colt Alarms recognised the value of having

a broad spectrum of knowledge, for the many different makes and

models of security alarm systems.

Because of this, through the recession, while other alarm companies

went out of business, Colt Alarms grew its customer data base.

Helping new customers left in the lurch, after their installation companies

became un- contactable, due to closure. Colt Alarms came to the rescue.
Specialising In
Grade1, Grade2 & Grade3 - Intruder Security Systems
Changing With The Times
Colt Alarms have dealt with many alarm manufactures over the years. Astec Ltd

was formed back in the nineties, where it became the Irish market leader. In 2012 it

was taken over by HKC Ltd. This stopped the manufacturing of Astec alarm parts,

leaving installation alarm companies and their customers in a very awkward position.

Dealing With Alarm Manufactures
Because of this Colt Alarms came to the decision, to use alarm products and systems

from alarm manufactures that sold their products worldwide. Dealing with large

companies meant these manufactures, are not reliant on the Irish market. Unlike Irish

manufactures which are solely dependent on the Irish market, just like Astec Ltd was

leading to its downfall.

Using World Wide Products
This is a bit like the (3 little pigs story) with the straw - wooden - brick houses, i know

the one I would choose.

Deciding between an alarm system which contains a Metal Control Panel or a Plastic

Control Panel should not be difficult either, If you know what you’re getting in advance.

Many customers don't take notice of the control panel; some even think the control panel

is the separate key pad you enter your code in! The Control Panel is in fact the main brain

of the alarm system and the most important part of the system. It contains the power supply

and back-up power supply, plus communication devices.

So when it comes to all in one units with built-in key pad (plastic units) that are normally

positioned close to an entry point. Due to security risk Colt Alarms have taken the stance,

not to install these type of units. As a good blow with a blunt object can render these

systems useless.

So it comes down to the questions you ask, before you purchase your alarm system.

Metal Systems - Versus - Polycarbonate Systems
Taking Notice Of What Your Getting
All In One Systems
Is the alarm an
All in One Unit ?

Does the alarm have a
Metal Control Panel ?

INIM Alarm Systems

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