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Wireless Alarms
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Colt Alarms install intruder and burglar security Wireless alarm Systems.
Colt Wirefree Alarms are very cost effective, wirefree alarm system are
easy to expand with wireless alarm devices. All Wireless Alarms
are Installed to EN 50131 Alarm Regulations.
Colt Alarms install intruder and burglar security Wired alarms.
Colt Hard Wired Alarms are very cost effective, wired alarms are
mostly installed in new premises while being built. All Hard Wired Alarms are Installed to EN 50131 Alarm Regulations.
Wired Alarms
Wired Alarms
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Wired Security Alarms
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Wired Alarm Companies

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Alarm Wired Installers
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SmartLiving Security Systems
Wired Alarms
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Colt Alarms supply and install SmartLiving
security alarm systems. Catering for the
domestic and commerical market.
Depending if your premises is Wired / Partialy Wired / Unwired, will dictate
the type of system required. Our INIM SmartLiving Systems bring a whole
new concept to design and style when securing your premises.

INIM's cutting edge technology caters for the budget alarm system, as well
as the stylish and extravagent.
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