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If your premises is pre - wired for your alarm system, your half way their. You can choose
from the following types of alarms that suit your needs & budget.
Wired Alarm
Bell Only System (Rings Internal & External Bells)
Monitored System (Emergency Service Response System)
App System (Control Your Alarm From Your Smart Phone & Receive Alerts)
Depending on the amount of window openings and external doors you need to secure, will
dictate the overall price of the alarm system installed. If you require a Monitored or
Self Monitored system, this will also affect the overall price.
Premises with 1 to 2 X External Doors + 01 to 10 X Window Openings 579
Premises with 2 to 3 X External Doors + 11 to 15 X Window Openings 739
Premises with 3 to 4 X External Doors + 16 to 20 X Window Openings 859
Price Guide:
Add 90 if Monitored System is Required
Add 175 if Self Monitoring App System is Required
Premises with 1 to 2 X External Doors + 01 to 03 X Motion Sensors 549
Premises with 2 to 3 X External Doors + 04 to 07 X Motion Sensors 699
Premises with 3 to 4 X External Doors + 08 to 12 X Motion Sensors 879
Parimeter Alert Systems (Doors / Windows)
Infrared Detector Systems (Motion Sensors)
These Prices
are if your
Premises is pre-wired